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Drafts in WHITE
Issue 1
February 2023
By Dana Harel
Six years ago, while traveling through the Carolinas, I came across kaolin clay, colloquially known as “white dirt.” I became fascinated with its diverse uses. Believed to provide essential minerals, it is consumed by pregnant women in the south - while around the world, it serves as a core ingredient for porcelain, a highly desired type of pottery. This juxtaposition did not leave my mind - a dirt that is both consumed and simultaneously used to make the plates we eat off of. A substance which was sought after by royalty while casually available to the masses.

When I returned home to San Francisco, the more I played with this clay in my studio, the more I became enraptured with the possibilities of the medium. These beginnings also paralleled my search for a studio name.
Winter is a season of hibernation,
an opening for deep reflections. This winter, I found myself contemplating the journey of White Dirt and the origin of our name.
I am neither a trained ceramicist nor sculptor - I am a trained architect. My work has always involved translating my ideas from 2D to 3D. Kaolin clay is more than just the medium. It has many different sub-stories. At White Dirt we appreciate story-telling as part of our process. Breaking open molds, sketching new ideas, chiseling, building anew, taking our time to form and craft each of our pieces. 
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Images: Rodin, Pantheon, WHITE DIRT
Free Dirt Photo by David Henry (Alabama)
Drafts in White are bimonthly notes from our studio – inspirations, illuminations, and cultural explorations.
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