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Drafts in WHITE
Luminous Dreams
Issue 2
May 2023
By Dana Harel
This year, White Dirt was invited to join Chroma to collaborate on a lighting element for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase.
We are honored by the invitation and excited to create a light based on their theme: Surrealism. “Lifting the skin of the ocean…” a painting by Salvador Dalí, inspired us to construct an imaginative chandelier, a centerpiece for Chroma’s Apollonia Dining Room.
The surrealists, with their fluid forms and dream-like juxtapositions, moved us to create glowing paper shells suspended in mid-air by jewel-like cast brass knots.
Collaboration seems to be the direction of the studio this season. We are thrilled to have Frank Merritt, a longtime friend and accomplished architect, design this project with White Dirt. GALA is a true collaboration from concept to production.

GALA debuted in Chroma's Apollonia Dining Room at the 44th San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

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Photography by Nikki GerdesImage of Dalí Illustrated Book (Abrams 1968) from Dana’s personal library.

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